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Traveling abroad?
Stop paying roaming charges
with the Ubigi app!

The Ubigi app is ideal for international travelers.
Enjoy high-quality Internet for eSIM-enabled devices (iOS, Android and Windows) in 200+ destinations worldwide

Connect instantly! Download the app, install your Ubigi eSIM profile and choose from a wide range of data plans close to local rates.

Manage your car's
on-board connectivity
via the Ubigi app!

Ubigi has partnered with car manufacturers to bring you the best in‑vehicle connectivity experience.

Pre-installed in some connected cars, Ubigi enables navigation of your car’s infotainment system and creates a Wi‑Fi hotspot to connect up to 8 devices inside the vehicle.

Thanks to the Ubigi app, you can always recharge on the go and make the most of your connected car.

Connect instantly with the Ubigi app